We are an agency of Translators and Interpreters specializing in all kinds of texts and documents.
Some examples of translations we carry out: Technical texts, legal documents, web sites, scientific texts, texts relating to the tourism industry.

Sworn Translation
Do you need to get your agreements or contracts properly understood and signed? We can produce official translations, by certified translators.

Commercial Translation
Need to communicate with your clients, suppliers or staff? We offer translation for any kind of marketing, commercial or internal texts: from e-mails, memos or letters, to newsletters, bulletins, catalogs, advertisements, presentations, etc.

Our wide network of professional translators enables us to offer translation into most world languages

We sign a collaboration and confidentiality contract with all our freelance interpreters and translators in order to guarantee the necessary confidence between both parties and regulate the business relationship that is established.
Our goal is to satisfy your needs and provide you with impeccable service; No matter how large or small your request, we’ll supply you with the attention you deserve.  Our delivery methods can be summed up in one word: Punctual.

Evergreen Interpreting & Translating Services only supplies translations prepared by a competent translator that translates into his or her language.
Evergreen Interpreting & Translating Services will only engage with translator who can faithfully and accurately reproduce in the target language the closest natural equivalent of the source-language message without embellishment, omission, or explanation.
Evergreen Interpreting & Translating Services will make every reasonable effort to check the accuracy of the final translation before offering it to the Client.
All services provided by Evergreen Interpreting & Translating Services to its clients are treated as private and confidential. This means, all professionals at Evergreen Interpreting & Translating Services and their support staff shall take all reasonable steps based on appropriate standards of practice to insure they do not reveal the Client’s identity, discuss information, or reveal the contents of their communications with others.
Evergreen Interpreting & Translating Services does not engage in any practice, nor conduct that is in any manner detrimental to the reputation and interest of the Client.
Evergreen Interpreting & Translating Services agrees to abide by the terms agreed with the Client.

We can present your documents in any computer format (Access, Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Acrobat, etc.)

How to order a Translation

  1. Send us the document you need to have translated, either by e-mail or by fax.
  2. We'll prepare a quote with a detailed word count, price and delivery date, without any commitment.
  3. To confirm the booking, we ask you to return the quote to us, signed.
  4. Upon completion of the job, we will send you an invoice.